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The influence of Social Media in your purchasing decision.

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Let’s get facts straight first. Social Media is the source of almost everything these days. In a world where technology and innovation reign, Social Media’s influence has grown rapidly that it is almost impossible for us, human beings, not to rely upon its power. There might be a tiny portion of the world’s entire population who are not there yet, but the vast majority are. What’s disturbing is, we are allowing ourselves to be led by information posted by people we barely even know for our own personal decisions. Now, is that good or bad? Our take on that? It is both beneficial and worrisome in different ways at the same time. While these revelations captured our interest, we conducted a mini poll last July asking members how Social Media influence their purchasing decision and are happy to know that majority of those who responded (around 59% or at least five to six out of ten respondents) still has a fifty-fifty feeling about relying on the information they see or read in Social Media platforms for their purchasing decisions. While there are still around three to four out of ten who are entirely influenced, there are still a very few who don’t even know social media exists.

Social Media is indeed a trend that will keep on growing, gaining more power to influence and change people’s perspectives and ideas, however, when used in a good way, can create a better world for all humankind to live in. Unlike the olden days, these innovations have brought us easy access to very essential information leading to major significant changes that have contributed to some of the world’s greatest success. On the other hand, becoming too dependent on it may lead to losing the only viable and most reliable part of us, our own ideas. Use Social Media, but use it wisely. As an online paid survey panel, we can vouch on the positive benefits Social Media has offered. Through our Facebook pages and other platforms, we’ve found an easier way to connect with our members. Communication perhaps is the best fruit of this technology. Paid surveys like what we offer have helped a lot of members with their cash and other shopping needs and this benefit is what we are most proud of. The power to help others with our paid surveys online has been truly a great recognition for us.

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