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Online Surveys with OpinionWorld, a Celebration of your Journey

BADGES EARN NOW!Do you remember the day you joined OpinionWorld?  It must be great to look back to see what you’ve accomplished after actively participating in our online surveys.   Isn’t it great to have something, a representation that shows the celebration of how your journey has become and your feats in our survey community? In OpinionWorld, you have the opportunity to collect Badges to mark your personal milestones.   It can be from completing your profile, completing a certain number of online surveys, your earned points or your redemption milestones; you can collect them through Badges!  All of your collectable Badges can be viewed easily at your Achievements page.   They are our way of helping you see what a great job you are doing!

Not only that!  You have the opportunity to earn bonus points for your collectable badges!  Yes you’ve heard that right!  Some of these Badges offer bonus points depending on the criteria and its stages.   Once you’ve earned your Badge bonus points, this will show up as “Community Achievement” in your survey history.   The boost of points that come from the bonus points you earn from specific badge stages will greatly help you get to your destination quicker in choosing the reward you want from our extensive reward portfolio.

So how do you know when you’ve earned a new badge?  Very simple!  You will know the moment you log on to the site or you can simply visit your Achievements page to see what you have earned so far.

When you earn badges you can post your achievements on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any social you are a member of.  You can also share your success with your friends and who knows, they too can be a part of our growing survey community and share the same successes you have with us.   What are you waiting for? Start collecting badges now!  

Not a member yet? Join today and fill in the form to the right to begin.  Happy survey taking!

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