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Internet Usage, Use it wisely through Paid Surveys

internet usage, use it wisely through paid surveysAre you always in front of your computer browsing websites, checking upcoming movies, playing games, watching videos, staying in touch with your family and friends through social media or doing some research?  How many hours do you spend in a week on your computer?  Surely, it shouldn’t go under 20 hours if you are the internet junkie type.   So to get our member’s pulse, we asked, “How many hours in a week do you spend in front of your computer?”  True enough, our Mini Poll results show that 30% percent said they would spend 20 to 50 hours a week on their computer, 26% would spend between 10-20 hours, 23% would spend more than 50 hours while 20% said they spend less than 10 hours a week.

Why not make a few of those hours spent on your computer count and give you the opportunity to earn rewards through paid surveys?   Spend those hours wisely simply by completing online surveys with OpinionWorld Singapore and making that opinion count to make a difference by helping businesses, government organisations and other similar bodies improve their products and services better.  Yes that’s right!  You can make that voice count when you start to make that internet usage spent wisely.   You are the consumer and being the consumer you have that willful power to be heard.  Taking online surveys is your best tool to voice out your opinions or even test a product that has not been out in the market yet and tell manufacturers honestly your thoughts what you think they can improve before these products reaches the market.   

Sure you can continue browsing those sites you love, spend time chatting with friends on Facebook, posting your latest selfie photo on your Instagram account, or sharing that latest DIY project you have been busy working on in Pinterest and others, but there are other rewarding ways you can do to make your internet usage more valuable by making money online.   So how do you get started?  Very simple!  Visit our website now and log-in to your account! A simple click through the “take a survey” button or through your latest survey invite will route you to an open online survey that can get you started to share your views and opinions of the products and services that matter to you as the consumer and start earning rewards!   

At OpinionWorld Singapore, we make sure you use your time wisely at the same time reward you for efforts through our paid surveys.  From the latest apparel you’ve always wanted to buy, DVD’s, video games, furniture, toys, jewellery or even cash, you can earn them the easy way through completing online surveys and redeeming your hard earned points through our exciting Rewards!   Yes you’ve heard that right!  You don’t give your opinions for free!  We pay you each time you complete our online surveys!  So what are you waiting for?  Start taking paid surveys today to start earning great rewards!

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Happy survey taking!

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