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How to protect your online survey account

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Becoming a member of OpinionWorld not only gives you the opportunity to impact the products and services you use every day at the same time, you get to enjoy the perks and the exciting rewards it offers.   However, by being a member of our community, we have membership expectations that every member is required to adhere such as the importance of the quality of data returned to us and the significance of every member to understand the unauthorized uses that needs to be followed as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.   Once a member do not adhere to these guidelines, this can lead to temporary deactivation of accounts or worse permanent deactivation.  Here are the common reasons why an account can be flagged for deactivation:

  • Accessing your account in a different country or accessing VPN or proxy servers pointing your IP address to another location outside the country where the survey community is offered.
  • Creating duplicate or multiple accounts.
  • Using a different PayPal email account from your last redemption transaction
  • Taking multiple surveys at a time or overlapping of surveys
  • Using fake information or providing gibberish data during registration
  • Providing responses in the surveys that are inconsistent or has bad responses to survey questionnaires 

Protect your account with the following recommendations:

  • Don’t access your account in other locations apart from the country where the survey community is offered.
  • Don’t access your account in public computers or in different locations other than the device and location where you initially registered with us.
  • Maintain one membership account.  We allow a maximum of two accounts in the household as long as both accounts are using different email addresses and belong to two different individuals.
  • Make sure you only keep one email address for all your rewards transactions
  • Take one survey at a time.  Taking multiple surveys in one sitting can highly affect the data returned to us.
  • Register with your honest and accurate information and do not use fake or gibberish names to complete registration.  We can identify accounts that do not meet our registration requirements.
  • Answer surveys honestly to the best of your knowledge.
  • Do not speed through surveys. Read every question carefully and provide accurate responses.
  • Never provide fowl or profane responses to open end questions in the survey.  Keep your responses honest and professional at all times

We hope these information helped in understanding the expectations when you become a member of OpinionWorld.  Our goal is to always make your survey experience a positive one.   If you have any questions or would like to know more about how to protect your account, please contact us.

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